Gubernatorial Graffiti


The portraits of Jesse Ventura (1999-2003), Harold LeVander (1967-71), and Elmer L. Andersen (1961-63) were vandalized with with markers most likely some time today.

An artist's rendering of the crime scene.

When reached for comment this evening, Lory Sutton, head of public relations and marketing for the Minnesota Historical Society describes the graffiti as magic marker lines through one of the governor's faces and an inverted V on Ventura's shiny bald head. No funny mustaches were drawn. Sutton, who has not seen the augmented portraits, said that there is no way of telling who did it, and the portraits themselves are not under surveillance. According to a MNHS press release, the paintings will be removed promptly and repaired. Sutton said the cost to erase the damage should be 'minimal'. It appears the vandal did not select the victims (two republicans and an independent) for their political persuasion.