Guard your children: Sara Jane Olson is en route to Minn.

Sara Jane Olson, who at the time of capture received a lot of sympathy as a terrorist reformed as a housewife, is coming back to serve her parole in Minnesota. Apparently now after her time in jail she isn't safe to have around. No one really wants her.

Her attorney says she is en route and should arrive in Minneapolis early this evening. She was paroled Tuesday in Chowchilla, Calif. Get ready!

More from the Associated Press:

Olson left California the same day a Los Angeles police union asked Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to review whether it is legal for California to let Olson serve her parole in Minnesota.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League said in a statement today that she should not be allowed to go home given that she was a fugitive and supposedly not a legal resident of Minnesota at the time of her 1999 arrest.

The California penal code states parolees can be transferred to another state only if the offender was a legal resident of the other state prior to incarceration, the league said. The organization also questioned whether Olson's release to Minnesota was in the public's interest because her family there could be motivated to cover for her if she violates terms of her parole.