Groom Dan Anderson on wedding dock collapse: "Only thing you can do is have a beer and laugh" [VIDEO]

An hour before his Crosslake wedding last Saturday, Dan Anderson and his wedding party posed for photos on a dock.

You can probably imagine where this is going!

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Here's the video:

Anderson characterizes the ensuing situation as one where "the only thing you can do is have a beer and laugh."

It was easier to laugh thanks to how helpful folks at Crosslake's Manhattan Beach Lodge were. Anderson says they loaded all of the wedding party's wet clothes into driers at two different locations, one more than a mile away, and got them back into wearable condition in time for the wedding.

Conveniently, even the canvas Chuck Taylor shoes the groom's party was wearing could be tossed in a drier.

"If you didn't know, you would've never known," Anderson tells us. "Everything looked normal."

Well, normal during the actual wedding, at least. Click to page to for a couple surreal photos taken moments after the dock collapse.

Anderson is in the middle of the top one:
-- Parker Hageman (@ParkerHageman) May 31, 2014 The day after the wedding, Anderson says he heard from the woman who shot the above video.

"We were texting back and forth and she goes, 'Yup, it's good and edited and I can release it tomorrow,' and right when she said that, I was like, this could be interesting," he says. "By the time I got to work Tuesday it was kinda everywhere. It was a weird day."

But Anderson says he's having fun with the whole thing. In fact, the dock collapse was a special topic of conversation during the Twins podcast Anderson co-hosts with Parker Hageman (listen to it here).

"It's calmed down a bit. These sorts of things have a short shelf life I think," Anderson says. "But Parker and I wanted to make sure we talked about it on the podcast."

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