Gregory Smith, missing sex predator, caught in Minneapolis

Smith was caught last night in South Minneapolis.

Smith was caught last night in South Minneapolis.

Gregory Smith, the sex offender who cut off his ankle bracelet and went on the loose, was caught by police last night in south Minneapolis.

Smith removed the bracelet, which was monitoring his location since his release from Moose Lake prison, and went off the grid on Tuesday.

As a Level 3 offender, Smith was considered the most likely type of predator to reoffend.


Around 7 p.m. last night, two Third Precinct police officers spotted a man walking down an alley who matched the missing offender's description. They pulled over, and quickly determined that they'd found the fugitive.

Smith, who gave himself up without a struggle, was arrested for the outstanding warrant, and also found to have a small amount of crack cocaine in his pocket.

Smith was released from Moose Lake prison in May and went on intensive supervised release, which allowed him to move around, with an ankle bracelet signaling his location. He's been convicted of three sexual assaults -- one in Minnesota and two in Illinois.