Gregory Scott Tyler and Orlando Ray Vasquez are TCF Bank robbers

Cops says this is Orlando Ray Vasquez robbing a TCF teller.

Cops says this is Orlando Ray Vasquez robbing a TCF teller.

The Feds say Orlando Ray Vasquez, 40, and Gregory Scott Tyler robbed TCF bank on West Lake Street on Feb. 28.

But they're not that bank robber. Vasquez and Tyler just bothered with one bank in St. Paul. The man who robbed four TCF Banks in the metro since January is still on the lam.

All Vasquez and Tyler got for their lousy crime was $215 and a fast-track-ticket to prison.


On February 26, Tyler stole a 1996 Acura from the Volunteers of America halfway house at 2825 Lake St., where he had been sent after robbing a bank. He used the car to escape.

Two days later, at about 9 a.m., Tyler pulled up to the TCF Bank at 1444 W. Lake Street with Vasquez in the car. While Tyler waited with the engine running, Vasquez, wearing a black jacket, jeans, and a red baseball cap, handed the bank teller a note demanding money.

The teller handed over $215. Vasquez asked for more money. The bank teller said he had no more money to give, so Vasquez tried to mace him. But the trigger didn't work, so Vasquez dashed out and into Tyler's waiting car.


Tyler careened away. His driving was so erratic that less than a mile from the bank, at South 24th Street and Bryant Avenue South, he hit a BMW with two people inside plus multiple other parked cars. The people inside the BMW had minor injuries.

Tyler and Vasquez, whose face was bleeding, leaped from the car and tried to steal another from a woman warming up her Ford Taurus to get to work. However, she wouldn't let them take her Taurus.

So Vasquez told Tyler to shoot the woman. Only, it didn't appear that either man had a gun.

Left without wheels, Tyler and Vasquez headed south on Colfax Avenue on foot.

Police found a red baseball cap, money and some blood in the abandoned Acura. Video footage at the bank helped them identify Vasquez. People at the halfway house suspected Tyler of taking the car.

But police are still looking for the man who robbed four TCF banks this year: in West St. Paul on January 3, in St. Paul on February 28, in St. Anthony on March 1, and in Fridley on March 3. The FBI describe the thief as an Asian male, about 5'7" tall with a slight build. During the robberies he wore light colored pants or jeans, a black zippered and hooded jacket, black shirt, a black mask, and black gloves:

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