Gregory Favre disavows cousin Brett's penis

Anyone with an awkward relative can surely relate to the predicament of Gregory Favre: His cousin Brett, the famous quarterback, is under investigation for allegedly sending a woman unwanted photos of his junk.

How's that for a family reunion show stopper?

Adding to the irony: The Brett Favre sexting story broken by Deadspin has become Exhibit "A" in media ethics debates, and Gregory Favre is a veteran newsie who now teaches media values at the Poynter Institute, a journalism think tank.

Thankfully, Gregory Favre has a sense of humor about all this when colleagues and reporters ring him up for a quote and some insight. Sorry, he says. Don't know the guy, and don't want anything to do with his little quarterback. Conflict of interest in writing or teaching about him? Hardly:

For the record: Brett is a distant cousin in six different ways. I am 34 years older than he. I have never met him. I did know his grandfather. I left home 15 years before he was born. He doesn't know how to pronounce our name, and neither do any of the sportscasters. Or Deadspin, for that matter. I have talked to the managing editor of once in a year and that was about a good place to buy po-boy sandwiches.

Man, where's the family love?

The Favre File:

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