Greenway cyclists ticketed by phantom cop in bogus speed trap

Most urban cyclists are guilty of a little jay-biking. A quick jaunt up onto the sidewalk here, a rolling stop there.

Lately, a mysterious bike cop - not a cop on a bike, but a cop policing bikes - has been coming down hard on cyclists pedaling the Midtown Greenway.

Here's the problem - he's enforcing an imaginary speed limit. And no one in local law enforcement is taking responsibility for Officer Unfriendly.

But Tim Springer at the Midtown Greenway Coalition says they've been getting complaints over the past couple weeks about a cop with a radar gun stopping cyclists for going over 10 mph.

A few bikers have gotten jammed up for running the stop signs, but they also reported being admonished for travelling at speeds up to 16 mph.

It gets weirder. Neither park police nor the Minneapolis PD are taking responsibility.

But the Greenway vigilante won't stay in the shadows for long - Springer is hot on his trail. He's tracked down a cyclist who was ticketed and has submitted the citation number to City of Minneapolis staff.

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