Green Line LRT won't run late enough to get you home at bar close time


With the Green Line's official opening set for June 14, details about the line's logistics have now been released.

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The Met Council says trains will run every 10 minutes during the day, and every 15 minutes in the evening, between roughly 5 a.m. and 1 a.m.

That means the train won't be available for those who are out and about at bar close time in the University Avenue area, though the Met Council could eventually do what it did for the Blue Line and begin offering special post-2 a.m. trips on weekends.

Another option for night owls is doing the old-fashioned thing and taking the bus. The Met Council says that with the advent of the Green Line, Route 50 bus services will be eliminated, but Route 16 will still operate (with less frequency, but 24 hours a day nonetheless).

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With construction of the Green Line's physical infrastructure nearly complete, we asked the Met Council's Green Line spokesperson, Laura Baenen, what work remains to be done between now and June.

"Even when construction is complete, there's still training and testing that has to be done," she told us. Indeed, late next month, you'll see Green Line test runs headed down the tracks every 10 minutes or so.

Furthermore, about 20 of the 59 vehicles that will eventually run down the Green Line still need to be constructed at Siemens's Sacramento, California plant.

But in just a matter of months, trains with real passengers will be running down the Green Line. That'll be toast-worthy, but don't save your celebration for too close to last call, unless you want to ring in the existence of the Twin Cities' newest rail line with a bus or cab trip home.

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