Green Bay "respectfully" welcoming Favre back? Is that possible?


On Nov. 1, Brett Favre will have the ultimate homecoming of a true villain: throwing for the Minnesota Vikings on Lambeau Field. Our loins (and Viking horns) are quivering with excitement. There's no better way to "stick it to them" than beating them on their home turf. To make the wound really sting, it wouldn't hurt to mention that Favre already slaughtered them in Minnesota.

Green Bay is still a little sour over Favre's new uniform and surprising success. So you can only imagine that his "homecoming" is going to be a little... mean-spirited?

The city's mayor, Jim Schmitt, is hoping to turn the tide and give heartbreak Favre a "respectful" homecoming. Is that even possible?

Fans can submit ideas for welcome-back gifts and events to the city, which is going to pick a couple winners. Some early suggestions: re-naming streets, welcoming back other former Packers greats, and creating the world's largest #4 waffle. Top 4 ideas get the mayor's high five.

Submit your own ideas here, but we're more excited to hear about the anti-Favre hoopla likely to overwhelm the "nice".