Green Bay celebrates big Vikings game by declaring 'Pettiness Week'


The city of Green Bay is pulling out all the stops in hyping the big Packers-Vikings game on Sunday, with an array of petty stunts to diss Minnesota and Brett Favre.

The mayor's office recently asked fans to send in suggestions for "welcoming" Favre back to town and received close to 1,700 ideas, according to the Associated Press. The mayor chose four of them to roll out this week:

  1. Temporarily rename the city's Minnesota Avenue in honor of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers
  2. Ask eighth-graders to write essays on the top 12 reasons to stay in Green Bay. (Rodgers's jersey is No. 12)
  3. Declare "Flip-Flop Friday" and encourage fans to join Mayor Jim Schmitt and his staff in wearing flip-flops tomorrow, as a dig on Favre's vacillating retirement plans.
  4. Host a pep rally where Green Bay fans will be served waffle fries (the retirement thing again).
"I want people ... in Seattle or Miami to look and say, 'That's a cool city' and, 'That's a classy city,'" Mayor Jim Schmitt told WISN-TV.

Waffle fries. Yep, "classy" is the first word that comes to mind.