Grayson Peterka nearly hit by chopper's falling laptop


This just in from the Dept. of Tragedy Narrowly Averted: 10-year-old Grayson Peterka was at a family cookout on Saturday when a laptop computer fell from a circling LifeLink helicopter and crashed to the ground just inches from where he was playing.

Peterka told WCCO he heard the helicopter going by. It made a turn, and the next thing he heard was a blast that sounded like a gun shot. Near him in the alley were the remains of the laptop.

The kid's aunt, Laura Colon, saw the LifeLink logo on the laptop's remains, and called the St. Cloud Hospital, just across the Mississippi River from her home, and pretty soon some red-faced security personnel and a flight nurse were knocking at her door, full of apologies.

It seems that someone had left the laptop resting on one of the helicopter's skids, and didn't notice before the aircraft lifted off from its pad at the hospital.