Gray wolf advocates to protest DNR over hunting season

One graphic billboard paid for by opponents of the hunting season.
One graphic billboard paid for by opponents of the hunting season.
Photo: Howling for Wolves.

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    Opponents of the Legislature-mandated hunting season for Minnesota's formerly endangered gray wolf plan to protest outside the Department of Natural Resources' headquarters in St. Paul today.

    The wolf advocacy group, Howling for Wolves, is also responsible for those hard-to-look-at "Stop DNR torture" billboards popping up around town, like the one above.

    At today's rally, the group will file a petition to ban the hunting season, set to begin this fall.

  • Earlier this week, Howling for Wolves President Maureen Hackett appeared on Minnesota Public Radio to talk about the dangers of the hunting season. According to Hacket, the wolf -- taken off the endangered list in January -- is still be vulnerable. From the interview:

    "We fear that the wolf population may be more prone to coming down with the diseases that they're already exposed to under the stress of a hunt," Hackett said. "We think there's the possibility that they could be pushed toward more livestock and human conflict and then also die."

    According to the DNR, Minnesota is home to about 3,000 gray wolves. Designed to control the population, the season will begin this fall along with deer hunting, followed by a second season later in the year. The hunt will end in early January, or after hunters reach the quota of 400 wolves, whichever comes first.

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