Grant Nichols, ex-Columbia Heights School Board member, wishes death upon Gov. Dayton

"Great Karma for our Governor attacking me would be [skull emoji]," Nichols opined on Facebook. "... He can go to hell where he belongs."

"Great Karma for our Governor attacking me would be [skull emoji]," Nichols opined on Facebook. "... He can go to hell where he belongs."

Before and during his days on the Columbia Heights School Board, Grant Nichols couldn't help himself. He loved to cock off online, waxing moronic about such things as his disdain for the way Muslims use the bathroom, people with mental illness collecting disability, and anyone "being a dick."

Except for himself, of course.

Nichols, who resigned in October 2015 after an inflammatory Facebook post suggested Muslims don't use toilet paper and make lavatory messes, was back at it on the social media site earlier this week.

The target of his fresh vitriol: Gov. Mark Dayton.

It was Dayton, who back in the fall of '15, said Nichols should vacate his board position. To which Nichols declined, declaring "Grant is no pussy."

He is, however, one miserable and angry human being.


The governor's collapse during his speech to the state legislature earlier this week and subsequent acknowledgment of prostate cancer afforded Nichols opportunity to show his true stripes once again.

"Great Karma for our Governor attacking me would be [skull emoji]," Nichols opined on Facebook. "Does that explain how much I give two shits about that a-holes health. He can go to hell where he belongs."

But Nichols was just getting warmed up. He'd go on write he hopes the governor "dies."

He followed that up minutes later with a post blaming Dayton for screwing "my whole life up." As for anyone who didn't agree with the sentiment, Nichols said, "Hope you all die with him."

Reached by email last night, Nichols played… err… well… dumb, writing, "I don't know what your getting at… but you can contact my attorney. Feel free I am not a public official anymore. So good luck." 

City Pages then provided Nichols with screen shots of the Facebook posts, and repeated a request for comment.

To which he reposnded, "Showing everyone in my group what you are writing. So 10% of Columbia Heights can see how you get stories. Ok go ahead! Make me famous again." 

We'd expect no less from a man with an established track record of abdicating any responsibility.

Back in 2015, Nichols never admitted he was the author of the anti-Muslim social media messages.

Nichols said someone posing as him wrote how Muslims "are just unsanitary," and how they touch door knobs "after they wipe their butt with their hands."

Nichols told MPR's Tom Post that someone had taken his cell phone, made the posts using his account, and "I should have been watching that stuff. I didn't do anything wrong, but I feel bad that it happened." 

Nichols did have a few final comments late Wednesday about his recent posts: "It was two days ago in a closed group and I apologized the following morning. I overreacted. Don't really care for him but do not wish anyone to die. Hope he recovers and seeks medical attention for his prostate cancer. I did say in my apology that I do not think it is wise to say it was no big deal when you collapse at the podium. Gives the wrong impression. Everyone is human and it was a mistake."

City Pages was unable to confirm if the apology came from Nichols, or if someone had hijacked his phone.