Grand Forks students wore KKK hoods during high school hockey game [PHOTO]

Three KKK hood-donning students gave a new meaning to "whiteout" Friday night.

Three KKK hood-donning students gave a new meaning to "whiteout" Friday night.

Students at Red River High School in Grand Forks, North Dakota, staged a "whiteout" during Friday night's state tournament hockey game against Fargo's Davies High School.

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But three freshman students ruined the fun by taking the let's-dress-in-all-white idea in a racist direction. They donned KKK-style hoods and wore them for about a minute, then quickly took them off when other students expressed outrage. But a minute was all it took for a student sitting across the arena to snap a photo and later upload it to Twitter.

[jump] In a statement released Saturday morning, Red River Principal Kristopher Arason wrote: "We, as a school, are extremely disappointed with the behavior of these three students. This behavior is not a representation of our school or student body."

The school is reportedly taking "appropriate action" against the students, though administrators won't disclose exactly what that entails.

More from a Forum Communications report:

Arason said the three students had not entered Ralph Engelstad Arena wearing the "inappropriate attire"... He said they wore the attire for 30 seconds to a minute.

"The students removed the attire after students around them told them how offensive their attire was," he said...

The three, who fellow students identified as freshmen, donned the apparel for less than a minute before other students in the section pressured them to take off the hoods, [students] said.

"They put them on for about 30 seconds," Red River senior Barret Eickhof said. "Nobody did anything at first, but then after everyone saw it, we all told them to take it off."

Alyssa Carlson, a junior, said she was "very ashamed" to be associated with the costumes. "Three guys ruined it for everybody," she said.

Many of the Roughrider faithful said they thought the costumes were jokes that went wrong.

The Grand Forks KKK-attire incident occurred almost exactly a year after University of Minnesota-Duluth students were warned by school administrators after a group chanted "smallpox blankets" and other racist phrases at the University of North Dakota's mascot during a hockey game. UND had readopted the "Fighting Sioux" nickname just days earlier.