Grady Sizemore's sexts allegedly hacked by St. Cloud student

The Internet loves athletes' dicks pics.

The Internet loves athletes' dicks pics.

Just ask Old What's His Name: Athletes' dongs and cell phones are a bad combination.

Cleveland Indians' Grady Sizemore learned this last year when sexts meant only for the eyes of his girlfriend, Playboy model Brittany Binger, mysteriously went viral.

Police now think they've traced the leak to a 19-year-old St. Cloud student.


Leah M. Ayers was charged Tuesday with gross misdemeanors for two counts of "unauthorized computer access."

Nude photos of Sizemore hit the Internet late last summer. In one, he's standing in front of a mirror covering his manhood with nothing but a coffee mug. Others were more revealing.

Most websites have since removed the pictures after receiving pointed letters from Sizemore's lawyers, but Deadspin is still holding onto a few (Warning: NSFW). The leak was so embarrassing to Sizemore that he made a formal apology to the public in February:

This is a situation where it's a private matter and personal photos were stolen illegally. I've always tried to represent myself and the Cleveland organization as best as possible and to put everybody through this is a terrible feeling and I apologize to everybody.

After Binger reported to law enforcement in Los Angeles that someone had stolen the photos from her e-mail, police traced the hacker's IP address to Ayers' parents' computer in Apple Valley. A search of the Ayers homestead quickly led police to their 19-year-old daughter.

Ayers will appear in court later this month.

Moral of the story? Dick shots are best experienced in person.