GQ: "Michele Bachmann is a Genius"

Michele Bachmann, Albert Einstein: More in common than you think.
Michele Bachmann, Albert Einstein: More in common than you think.

Every magazine in America is writing a big profile of Michele Bachmann, and at this point you really need to throw something crazy out there to get noticed.

Newsweek banked on a bug-eyed photo that went viral, with the cover shot getting so much attention that no one even opened the magazine to read it.

From The New Yorker came an in-depth, reported piece that dug into the strange and troubled nature of Bachmann's religious and philosophical influences.

Now, GQ magazine is throwing it's own provocative, super-stylish hat in the ring with this headline: "Michele Bachmann is a Genius."

This is quite the thesis to have to defend, and GQ writer Jason Zengerle does so only to a certain extent. Her "genius" qualities are only up for discussion after a good amount about how hot she is, including the "disturbing thoughts" she causes among conservative men.

Here, to get it out of the way, is that passage, which pretty much opens Zengerle's story will surely lead to a guessing game among the elite conservative talking heads:

When I broached the topic of Bachmann and her presidential chances with one prominent conservative commentator, he immediately steered our conversation into the gutter with an assessment of her sexual desirability too dirty to print. "People talk about Palin," he continued, "but I saw Bachmann in person and I had all sorts of disturbing thoughts."

By the way, totally unrelated I'm sure, but Sean Hannity, your wife is on the phone.

If you think Bachmann looks smart now, wait until you see her from behind!
If you think Bachmann looks smart now, wait until you see her from behind!

Zengerle is impressed with Bachmann's political skill, which stems mostly from her being a relentless self-promoter who seeks the spotlight like a sunflower traces the sun -- that rarest combination of traits in the political world. Essentially, Bachmann is willing to go on television all the time, and will say pretty much anything.

Her "genius," meanwhile, comes from the fact that she exploits how stupid and crazy people think she is. Apparently, by being just slightly less stupid and slightly less crazy than her reputation, she lulls everyone to sleep and then strikes when everyone's stopped paying attention.

This seems like a fool-proof strategy, and must be the reason why she's been able to pass so much meaningful legislation in her long illustrious career.

Zengerle was able to track down someone who saw Bachmann's brilliance early on, a former classmate at Winona State University. Guess what? Sounds like she's a "genius" because people thought she was hot and dumb.

"She was this somewhat scatterbrained, ditzy brunette who had a great butt," recalls [Jerome] Christenson. "She was a lightweight and nobody really credited her with being much more than that."

Michele Bachmann: Underestimate her, and her "great butt," at your own peril, America.


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