GQ hates Minnesota, where "someone's always up your ass"

Another kind of hole.

Another kind of hole.

Coastal elites have brought the snark again. GQ magazine has labeled Minnesota the 49th worst state in America because we like to take care of our colons.

And placing 49th is actually a good thing. They like us, despite what they say about us. You should see what they wrote about No. 1 Arizona.

Here's an idea. Let's organize a Minnesota Not Nice bicycle posse to strip GQ off every newsstand in the state. After that, we'll round up GQ writers Anthony King and Scott Brown, strap them down and put in a call to the proctologist. The two of them seem to be pretty comfortable with anal cavity humor:


The average Minnesotan seems to get more regular exercise than the average American... because the average Minnesotan burns about six billion calories just scraping the ice off his windshield every morning. Despite soul-killing winters and the constantly audible drone of Garrison Keillor in the background, the Gopher State consistently tops lists of most desirable places to live. Course, Minnesotans also get more colonoscopies than the average American, once again proving the axiom: No matter where you live, someone's always up your ass.

Yes, we know it's a joke. But it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.