Governor Tim Pawlenty: Twittering while the cities burn

The budget wrangling this session ended with legislators locked in a Mexican standoff with Governor Tim Pawlenty, neither side willing to compromise.

So instead, the governor will go it alone, slicing $1.2 billion from the budget, using his line-item veto pen and the process known as "unallotment."

Now TPaw is taking his message to the people, 140 letters at a time.

After weeks of using his Twitter account to announce fishing trips and chores his nagging wife is making him do, Tpaw took to the internets this morning to taunt the DFL legislators who refused to bow to his will.

Ooh, burn! You don't see that kind of stinging, grammar-violating language in the authorized press releases. This is TPaw 2.0, bitches, and he will cut you if you don't cut the budget.


Finding opposition on the #mnleg hash tag, TwitterPaw doubled down, launching another bold 140 character salvo.

If your governing philosophy can be summed up in 140 characters or less, it's probably not smart enough to work in our complex real world.

Here's a radical idea: Instead of acting like a tough guy on Twitter--a contradiction in terms--why not sit down to discuss the budget with a genuine spirit of compromise?

That, or you could sit around on Facebook poking House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher while your people suffer for lack of social services.