Governor Tim Pawlenty: Presidential Poseur


If there was any doubt that Tim Pawlenty was preening for a run at the Republican presidential nomination, it has been answered by his behavior this past week.

First, T-Paw claimed that he was going to use the 10th Amendment to prevent Obamacare, a bizarre invocation of state's rights that would have been one step away from secession (he later wised up and back off the comments).

Then the lame duck governor mounted his high horse to proclaim he would stop all state-funding of ACORN, since a few of its mimimum-wage workers in other cities were too stupid to recognize a prostitution sting operation.

Just one problem: Minnesota doesn't give a cent to ACORN.

As Marc Ambinder of the Atlantic points out, this is clearly a flirtation with the national spotlight in preparation for a possible run for the top office:

Pawlenty is checking the pulse of the conservative wave embodied during Saturday's "tea party" protest in Washington. The Minnesota governor has given credence to the basis behind the false "death panel" argument and his push for federalism was certainly on the minds of protesters this weekend. "Don't Tread On Me," read the yellow flags and stickers of many marchers, declaring the return of the Republic of Texas.

Free advice to T-Paw: Pick better battles. Cutting off non-existent funding wouldn't fly at Sam's Club.