Governor Dayton would sign Sunday liquor sales into law

Governor Dayton would sign Sunday liquor sales into law

Minnesotans want to buy booze on Sundays. But in 2013, 2012, 2011, and so on, legislative efforts to allow Sunday liquor sales have been dead on arrival.

Today, the push got a shot in the arm. In an interview, Gov. Mark Dayton told The Associated Press that if lawmakers can pass a bill allowing Sunday sales, he won't stand in its way, and would sign it into law.

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Commerce doesn't rest on the seventh day, Dayton told the AP. He added, "There are an increasing number of Minnesotans for which Sunday isn't a religious holiday."

Previous efforts to legalize Sunday sales were killed in part by opposition from major players like the Minnesota Licensed Beverage Association (the liquor stores' lobby) and the Minnesota Teamsters, who maintain that Sunday sales would effectively force stores to stay open seven days of the week.

The other side of that argument? Cue Jason Alvey, owner of Four Firkins liquor store in St. Louis Park, testifying earlier this year before the Senate Commerce Committee:

I pay rent 52 days a year that I'm not allowed to open my business, and I think that's very frustrating. Just because the majority of liquor stores don't want to be open on a Sunday doesn't mean it should be a law.

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