Gov. Mark Dayton's budget: The documents

After nixing the Legislature's proposed $900 million in budget cuts last week with his veto pen, Gov. Mark Dayton submitted his own proposal today for balancing the state's budget, complete with a promised tax hike on the wealthiest among us.

He claims his budget will spare 95 percent of Minnesotans any tax hikes at all. Instead, he's proposed a fourth income tax tier at 10.95 percent for joint filers making more than $150,000, and head-of-household filers making more than $130,000.

He also wants a temporary income surtax of 3 percent for all filers over $500,000 and a statewide property tax on home values over $1,000,000.

No sooner were the documents released than the battle for spin began. State GOP deputy chair Michael Brodkorb trashed the tax hikes:

They're not, the PiPress political blog reported:

And the Strib reports that the rich will feel the most pain:

Will the rich folks leave? Dayton says no:

Download and read his complete budget proposal, as well as breakouts for health, education, property taxes and government reform by clicking the links below -- and make up your own mind.

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