Gov. Dayton's deputy chief of staff wants Mary Franson to read the damn budget proposal

A Dayton staffer wants Franson to read first, hate later.
A Dayton staffer wants Franson to read first, hate later.

Today, Gov. Dayton unveiled his state budget proposal for the next biennium.

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It's a complicated, multifaceted document. But you won't be surprised to learn that before Dayton's budget press conference had even concluded, Twitter was blowing up with predictably partisan reactions to the proposal, which will be taken up by the DFL-controlled legislature later this session.

One of the Republicans quick to wail and gnash teeth over the proposal's proposed tax increases is Rep. Mary Franson. But Bob Hume, Dayton's deputy chief of staff, politely asked her to read the damn thing before she starts criticizing:

If you're not up for reading the whole thing -- and who could blame you -- here's some details via a Star Tribune report:

[Dayton's] proposal would drop the sales tax rate from 6.875 percent to 5.5 percent...

Dayton, who campaigned pledging to "tax the rich," is proposing to raise the top level income tax to 9.85 percent from 7.85 percent on married couples earning more than $250,000 a year and single people earning more than $150,000 a year. About 53,000 Minnesotans would be charged the higher rates, if the Legislature approves his budget.

More from Fox 9:

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton on Tuesday proposed an additional $2.1 billion in state taxes to cut into the projected $1.1 billion deficit...

Dayton said Minnesota would drop from the 7th highest sales-taxed state to the 27th highest. He said the budget proposal doesn't raise taxes on 98 percent of Minnesotans...

Dayton called for lowering the state's overall sales tax rate to 5.5 percent, but adding a sales tax to clothing items above $100.

"I have to admit, taxing clothing goes against my upbringing," Dayton said, getting a laugh from the room of reporters.

The governor predicted the $100 clothing item tax will lead to some $99.99 sales.

And finally, a bit more from the Pioneer Press:

Dayton's budget plan... would increase spending from $36.8 billion to $37.8 billion during fiscal years 2014-15...

Raising taxes on single workers making more than $150,000 and married couples earning over $250,000 would bring in an additional $1.1 billion over two years. New taxes on cigarettes and tobacco would raise $370 million...

Dayton said the new revenue allows Minnesota to invest in the state's priorities -- education and creating jobs.

Franson, for what it's worth, wasn't about to take Hume's admonishment lying down:

Since the new tax only applies to individual clothing items priced over $100, we're left to assume Franson likes to dress her kids in style.

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