Gov. Dayton made $343,234 last year, gave $1,000 to charity

Gov. Dayton made $343,234 last year, gave $1,000 to charity

In the interest of transparency, Gov. Mark Dayton has released his tax returns for every year since 2009, back when he was just a candidate for the governor's office.

:::: UPDATE :::: Mark Dayton on meager charitable giving: "I'm disappointed in myself"

He dropped his 2012 returns yesterday afternoon, and they reveal that last year was a prosperous one for our governor: Dayton took home his state salary of $116,125, as well as $92,381 from the family trust, and $130,291 in capital gains, for a total income of $343,234.

That income puts Dayton among Minnesota's highest earners. Yet, according to his records, Dayton donated just $1,000 to charity in 2012.

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Dayton hasn't always given at this level. His 2009 return shows that on earnings of $172,475, Dayton claimed $26,883 in charitable contributions, spread over 27 total donations. The largest of those went to Planned Parenthood, MinnPost, and YMCA Camp Widjiwagan.

In 2010, the governor earned $671,724, and gave $8,150 to charity, which included $5,000 to the California-based spiritual institute Esalen, and $1,000 to Summit Academy.

Granted, Dayton still gave back last year in the form of taxes. His combined state and federal tax rate was 29.75 percent, and next year, he'll pony up more to Minnesota, under the highest-earners income tax increase he spearheaded in the most recent legislative session. For single filers like Dayton, the law defines highest earners as those with incomes of more than $150,001.

The Star Tribune asked Dayton's four Republican challengers in the 2014 gubernatorial race for tax returns of their own. As of Tuesday night, just one of them, Republican Dave Thompson, released his. It shows that his family earned $198,322 in 2012, and gave $20,465 to charity.

Dayton's 2012 tax records:


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