Gov. Dayton backs Rep. Hortman on 'white male' fight, says word 'bullshit' [VIDEO]

Gov. Mark Dayton is fine with the word "bullshit," and with calling out white men.

Gov. Mark Dayton is fine with the word "bullshit," and with calling out white men. TPT Almanac

Minnesota's elected officials say offensive things every day.

And that's not to mention the horrifying stuff they try to write into actual legislation. (Check here, here, and here for some idea.) 

But you'll almost never, ever, hear an elected official say a curse word at the Minnesota Capitol. Not into a live microphone. 

Credit DFL House Minority Leader Melissa Hortman for breaking the little kid-language barrier during a post-session press conference on Tuesday. Flanked by DFL Reps. Ilhan Omar (Minneapolis) and Peggy Flanagan (St. Louis Park), Hortman (Brooklyn Park) spoke publicly for the first time since Republicans filed an official "protest" complaint about her "white male card game" comment from a couple weeks ago.

Evidently, the week off for Easter break did not soften Hortman's position. (Watch for the moment when Omar and Flanagan crack smiles at Hortman's blunt honesty.) 

Hortman used that same eight-letter expletive during a rally in the Capitol rotunda on Tuesday, GoMN reports.

Note that in the second half of the above clip, House Speaker Kurt Daudt says Hortman "wants to keep it alive," but that it's a "divisive issue," and that he doesn't "have time for it." This would be the same Kurt Daudt who signed his name to an official "protest and dissent" letter filed four days after Hortman's "white male" comment.

One person who does have time for it, at least a minute, is Gov. Mark Dayton, widely known to be a white male.

TPT's Almanac crew stopped the governor on his way through the Capitol and brought up Hortman's use of barnyard language. Dayton shook his head and smiled.

"Well," he said, "the governor of West Virginia handed actual bullshit to the Legislature." 

(He's right.) 

"I'm not going to go that far," Dayton continued, "but I think we can all handle that word."

Dayton also agreed with the underlying sentiment behind Hortman's speech on the House floor, calling the disrespect for legislators of color "outrageous."