Gordon Weaver, nabbed via "America's Most Wanted," convicted again of killing his wife


Guilty. Again. That's what Ramsey County Judge Salvador Rosas told Gordon Weaver on Thursday, ending the White Bear Lake man's second trial for killing his wife in 1999. He'll be sentenced in April on two counts of unintentional second-degree murder, one involving arson and the other assault.

Weaver knocked his wife, Jean, unconscious during a fight in their home and set the house on fire, prosecutors said. After being indicted in 2000, he skipped bail and fled. He was arrested in Oregon in 2004 after his case was featured on the TV show "America's Most Wanted," and was first convicted in 2005.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals granted Weaver a new trial in 2007 over questions about destroyed lab evidence. The second trial was heard by a judge at Weaver's own request.

"I just really understand now what a cold-blooded thing" the murder was, Kathy Rysgaard, one of Jean's sisters, told the Pioneer Press after the verdict was in.