Gordon Weaver, convicted of beating and burning his wife to death, loses appeal

Gordon Weaver of White Bear Lake has tried for more than a decade to avoid going to prison over the brutal 1999 murder of his wife at their home in White Bear Lake.

After being indicted for beating her, and then burning down their house while her still-living but limp body lay inside to die, Weaver fled.

He was arrested in Oregon in 2004 after his case was featured on the TV show "America's Most Wanted," and was first convicted in 2005.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals granted Weaver a new trial in 2007 over questions about destroyed lab evidence, and Weaver opted to waive his right to a jury trial. Last year, Ramsey County Judge Salvador Rosas told Gordon Weaver he was guilty again.

But Weaver still tried to dodge punishment, and appealed his nearly 19-year sentence. Today, he ran out of options.

"Weaver's attempt to burn J.W.'s body and his infliction of multiple injuries through different means are valid reasons" for his sentence, Judge Michelle A. Larkin said. "This conduct is significantly more serious than that typically involved in a felony murder."

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