Gophers social media team apologizes for dissing Vikings

Gophers social media team apologizes for dissing Vikings

Following a wild 42-39 win over Indiana on Saturday, the Gophers football team has won three straight Big Ten games and may be in the midst of their best season in a decade.

THEY TOLD YOU SO: Vikings will be the worst team in the NFL this year, one group of experts conclude

To put it mildly, things aren't going quite as well for the local professional pigskin squad. Yesterday's last-second 27-23 loss in Dallas dropped the Vikings to 1-7 -- the last time the Purple started a season that poorly was during the franchise's inaugural 1961 season -- and after the game, Kevin Williams and Brian Robison openly groused about the coaching staff's conservative approach on both sides of the ball.

So even if it went a wee bit too far, you can understand where the Gophers social media team was coming from with this tweet:

In response, Pioneer Press sports editor Mike Bass pointed out the obvious, but the Gophers social media folks insisted they didn't mean to kick the Purple while they're down:

Regardless of their intent, KFAN's Dan Barreiro pointed out that those in glass houses shouldn't... well, you know:

Thing is, the way the Vikings are playing, the Gophers are probably about one Adrian Peterson away from having a legitimate claim to being Minneapolis's premier football team.

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