Gophers' Salamon busted for underage boozin' after Dinkytown brawl


University of Minnesota football players were apparently not ready to gracefully recede from the media spotlight after their Insight Bowl loss to Iowa State on New Year's Eve.

Police ticketed running back Shady Salamon, 19, for underage drinking following a "six to 10" person brawl in Dinkytown last Friday, according to the Star Tribune.

Salamon, who was busted along with Notre Dame's Michael Floyd, is the third Gophers football player to have a run-in with the long, cold arm of the law in the past two weeks. Ryan Wynn was also cited for underage drinking and Kevin Whaley got booked after slugging a pair of security guards at a night club.

According to the Star Tribune:

After stopping the vehicle, police noticed that Floyd, seated in the driver's side back seat, had blood on his hands, feet and shirt.

Floyd told police he had been involved in an altercation with a Somali male at a house party and admitted he had been drinking.

Salamon was in the back seat on the passenger side and, according to the report, had "slurred slow speech and had bloodshot watery eyes.''

Gophers athletics spokesman Garry Bowman says Salamon will face repercussions with the U for the ticket, but wouldn't talk specifics.

There will be some consequences," says Bowman. "We probably won't talk about it publicly, but the answer is yes."