Gophers' Royce White says he's out -- again

For the second time in as many months, Gophers basketball player Royce White has announced that he's through with the University of Minnesota.

White has been battling a legal shit-storm since last fall when he was accused of shoplifting from the Mall of America, charges White pleaded guilty to in December. The freshman recently started practicing with the Gophers again, but the Mall of America charges have kept him out of regulation play.

White was later accused of walking into three University dorms without being invited. White denies these charges, and his attorney met with prosecutors today to try to negotiate a deal.

Apparently that didn't go so well.

Soon after the meeting, White announced he would be leaving, according to the Minnesota Daily.

White made a near-identical claim late last year in a series of introspective monologues posted to YouTube:

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