Gophers distract Wisconsin kicker with gigantic image of cute animal [PHOTO]

During last Saturday's home game against Wisconsin, the Gophers football program got an A for effort in at least one regard.

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When the Wisconsin kicker lined up for a first half field goal attempt, whoever is responsible for the TCF Bank video screen tried to distract him by playing the "dramatic gopher" video that's received more than two million views on YouTube.

A still is at the top of this post. Here's the video in all its six-second glory:

Thing is, the little fella in the video is actually a prairie dog, not a gopher. That probably shouldn't come as a surprise -- after all, real gophers definitely aren't that cute.

And for what it's worth, the Wisconsin kicker ended up getting the last laugh. He drilled the field goal and the Badgers went on to win the game 20-7. (UPDATE -- After this was published, it was pointed out to us that the Wisconsin kicker actually missed another field goal attempt during which "dramatic gopher" played on the video screen. So perhaps instead of writing "last laugh" we should've went with "bemused chuckle.")

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