Gopher football fans will have to pay more to prevent bad posture


If you're one of the Gopher football season ticket holders who chose bleacher seats without a back rest to get closer to the action, your back might be paying the price. And your pockets will be a little more empty as you shell over some extra bucks to get a seat back.

WCCO reports on Gopher fans who assumed they could go out and buy a seat cushion with back support for their game-day comfort. Apparently TCF Bank Stadium isn't allowing fans to bring their own and is requiring fans to rent them for the season if they need them.

The back support cushions will cost you an extra $90.53 for two seats.

Ticket information sent to ticketholders before they picked seats mentioned the seat rental, but didn't make it clear that you couldn't bring your own, one fan told WCCO.

Apparently this is standard procedure for college stadiums. Their rentals will be in place all season and will be guaranteed to fit the seats.

"Some of the concerns that we have with allowing people bringing theirs in, sometimes they become projectiles," University of Minnesota Assistant Athletic Director Phil Esten told WCCO.

Fans can still bring seat cushions and blankets for their seats. Just leave the back support at home.

Watch the WCCO report here.