Gopher band fight!

Yesterday the Minnesota Daily published a great story on the University of Minnesota band and their last performance in the Metrodome. After the Gophers embarrassing 55-0 loss, there had to be something to look back on fondly. 

A light-hearted story following the band their last day has now turned into an all-out nerdy band fight. We love it.


Make sure to read the story, but don't miss the more than 100 comments at the end. 


The comments have now morphed into an all-out screaming match about the song choices, the band's ability to make a team win and how lame the band parties are. Seriously? We didn't realize people cared so much. Apparently drunken football fans like to take out their anger on other people besides the terrible football team they support. Yes, blame the musicians despite their hard work at every single football game. Do you realize they have to entertain you despite your drunken yelling and antics. 

Here are some of our favorites: 

"The band doesn't teach anyone other than it's own members the words to half the school songs and it tries to kill any and all of the good, fan-generated cheers. The band is lame. It went totally down-hill once they got rid of the tuba parties. Those were the days..." 
"Since the WisconSIN band decided to do ridiculous things and get put on probation and then suspended, every other band in the Big 10 has been watched to see if they do the same sorts of "hazing" activities. Our band does not do anything like that, however they still can't participate in certain cheers such as "you buddy, you suck, you're outta here you worthless piece of sh*t." If the band says stuff like that or contributes to saying things like that, they will get in trouble. The band is not responsible for having to change cheers to be more "PC." 
"5) Only bandies think the band isn't lame (to at least some degree). However, for the record, the sousaphones are pretty sweet. 6) Band parties stopped being cool like 4 years ago - right around the time the "Chow Bow" graduated. If you aren't aware of the Chow Box, you will never fully understand." "Most of our cheers sound like they were ripped off of a rural high school."
Is the band really that bad or are people freaking out for no reason?