GOP trackers: "I'm with stupid"

Artist's representation of proposed GOP tracker t-shirts
Artist's representation of proposed GOP tracker t-shirts
Not a doctored photo

Minnesota Republicans unveiled a very odd response to DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton's recent whining about "trackers" showing up at his rallies brandishing Flip videos.

The Grand Old Party is using Ye Olde Gag T-shirt: Trackers will now wear a uniform that is the modern-day equivalent of the "I'm with stupid" gear sported by your corny uncle at family gatherings.

Apparently, the trackers mean Dayton, which should be obvious as they try to sidle up next to him for photo-bombs at upcoming rallies:

Taking the political skirmishing to a new level, state Republicans announced Thursday that its trackers following DFL gubernatorial candidate Mark Dayton will begin wearing "uniforms" -- including T-shirts that read, "I'm with the guy who wants to raise your taxes."
The party said the trackers would be wearing their new "uniforms" as they followed Dayton at the Minnesota State Fair.  The party said that one of the other "uniforms" would include a T-shirt that refers to Dayton's tenure as a U.S. Senator, and include the phrase, "I'm with one of America's Worst Senators."

There's only one problem: If the GOP tracker is "with the guy who wants to raise your taxes," doesn't that mean the Republican candidate?

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