GOP Rep. Tony Cornish Wore His Finest Camouflage Blazer to Today's Gun Hearings

Lookin' good big hoss!

Lookin' good big hoss!

Right now the state House is conducting a hearing on a bill (HF 1434) that would lift Minnesota's ban on gun silencers.

Tony Cornish (R-Vernon Center) chairs the Public Safety and Crime Prevention committee hosting the hearing, and he came dressed for the occasion with a camouflage blazer and handcuff/assault rifle lapel pin combo.

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"No there won't be a rash of ninja-related shootings. There haven't been in the 39 states where suppressors are legal and there won't be here," said gun rights advocate Andrew Rothman during the hearing.

The silencer bill is just the first of several gun-related bills that are getting hearings today. Check out The Uptake's livestream to follow along.

This isn't the first time Cornish showed up to the legislature dressed to kill. On the first day of this year's legislative session the former cop broke out his handcuff/gun lapel pin combo coupled with an "All Lives Matter" tie.

Looking fabulous Tony.

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