GOP mistress choking happened at Pawlenty adviser's house

Pulkrabek was arrested on Memorial Day after a woman told police the married Washington County Commissioner had choked her and dragged her down a flight of stairs by her hair.

That woman wasn't his wife, Lori Pulkrabek , an Oakdale City Council member with whom he shares a home in Oakdale. According to the police, it was Pulkrabek's "girlfriend."

Nor did the alleged assault take place in Pulkrabek's Oakdale home. Rather, the scene of the alleged crime was the bedroom of a Woodbury residence owned by a former top staffer in Tim Pawlenty's administration, Brian LeClair.


LeClair represented the 56th district in the state senate from 2003 to 2006 as a Republican. After that he joined the Pawlenty administration, first as a health care policy adviser, then as Director of Legislative and Cabinet Affairs. In 2010 LeClair ran for a judgeship in the 10th Judicial District, but came in 12th.

City Pages' efforts to contact Pulkrabek and LeClair yesterday were unsuccessful.

Brian LeClair

Brian LeClair

A clearer picture of just what Pulkrabek and his girlfriend were doing in LeClair's bedroom -- and why Pulkrabek gave police LeClair's building as his home address -- may have to wait until a legal complaint is filed.

The case was referred to the Ramsey County Attorney's office yesterday. Paul Gustafson of the Ramsey County Attorney's office says the case is being reviewed, and a decision on whether to file charges may come as early as today.

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