GOP lawyers association denies funneling money to Coleman's recount effort


The Minnesota DFL filed a Federal Election Commission complaint yesterday against Norm Coleman, alleging he broke campaign finance laws during the U.S. Senate recount fundraising. The DFL says Coleman was receiving money through the Republican National Lawyers Association that exceeded campaign donation limits and the group was not registered with the FEC. 

The RNLA responded today with a statement, denying all of the allegations and explaining the use of donated money for the recount.

More from the letter (emphasis ours):
RNLA is working to educate the press and the public as to the numerous issues of voter disenfranchisement, voter registration fraud, voting fraud and voting irregularities occurring in the post-election process throughout the nation in recent elections, including the 2008 election. 
The public needs to know that the process is incomplete and to communicate with Senator Reid and other Senators to ensure that federal and state laws, and the Constitution, are followed. Further suspicions about the fairness and accuracy of federal and State elections will lead to greater public dissatisfaction with election integrity and will adversely affect the right to vote. 
RNLA is not and has not been involved in litigation in the Coleman-Franken race, and there is no basis for this complaint. RNLA has not communicated with the Coleman campaign, has not spent any funds on the Coleman campaign or post-election effort, and categorically rejects the claims of the DFL's FEC complaint. RNLA notes that the copy of the draft complaint it was provided by the media acknowledges the claim is "speculative" and not based on fact.
Check out their full letter (PDF) here.

So was the RNLA misleading donors? We would call this site for donations (on NewsMax) a little sketchy when it is titled, "Stop Al Franken From Stealing the Election". As a potential donor, I would likely assume that money would be use in the litigation of the recount and not as a PR fundraiser to bug reporters.