GOP House Speaker Kurt Daudt: 'Better stuff to do' than Donald Trump fundraiser

C'mon Kurt Daudt. Who could resist that face of Donald Trump's?

C'mon Kurt Daudt. Who could resist that face of Donald Trump's?

Donald Trump's stay in Minnesota is scheduled to be brief and uneventful.

The Republican candidate will arrive in Minneapolis some time today, and has no public schedule before a small, high-dollar fundraiser at the Minneapolis Convention Center this evening.

It's $1,000 to get into the room, and $100,000 per couple if you want a picture of you, your wife, and Donald Trump attempting to look down her dress. 

Event sponsors include the always blunt Stanley Hubbard, media magnate behind TV stations such as the local ABC affiliate, KSTP. Here's Hubbard, a "co-host" of tonight's fundraiser, excitedly selling the event to the Star Tribune:

“All I know is I’m going to be with Donald Trump in a group with I don’t know who else,” Hubbard said.

Onward to victory!

The lack of local enthusiasm extends to the state's full-time political class. Just take a look at the Republican Party of Minnesota's Twitter account, where all the messaging is about one presidential candidate. The other one. More than a dozen anti-Hillary Clinton messages have appeared this month. Their hashtag game is on point. 

As for pro-Donald Trump tweets? Well, there was one time when they said the media should stop fact-checking Trump... and start fact-checking Hillary! #NeverCrookedHillary! Someone-Anyone-Not-Hillary/Pence 2016!

GOP House Speaker Kurt Daudt, who lives about an hour from Minneapolis, won't be there to meet, greet, and be talked at by Trump. Daudt's explanation to the Pioneer Press is both vague and revealing.

"I'm just not going," Daudt said. "I got better stuff to do."

The highest elected Republican official in Minnesota is asked about getting some face-to-sweet potato time with Donald Trump, and answers like this:



Maybe Daudt looks at the GOP nominee and sees something he recognizes. And dislikes. Last week, Daudt survived a challenge from political outsider Alan Duff. Duff railed against Daudt for being too willing to compromise with the Democrats, who have control of the governor's office and state senate.

Duff also "wrote" a bad book about rescuing America, a book filled with insights he'd gleaned from internet memes, almost all of them bullshit. Sound familiar? 

It makes some sense, in Daudt's case. His top political priority is holding control of the Minnesota House of Representatives, a cause not served by kissing the ring of a presidential candidate unpopular within his own party, and state. (Trump finished third in the Minnesota Repubilcan caucus election.) Daudt's opting for other "stuff" tonight.

Might we recommend a back-to-back screening of The Breakfast Club on AMC?