GOP: Guess what else we discovered. Franken hates Catholics!

A media event organized by Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign can add another name-calling agenda to this already civilized and serious campaign season. Now Al Franken is anti-Catholic. Surprise! He's Jewish! People of opposite religions often poke fun at one another. Find me one Catholic who hasn't made a joke or laughed at some sort of Jewish reference before. Oh, and prove to us Coleman has never made a joke about Catholics.

The Monday event held in Rochester featured three area Republican activists who had their feelings hurt by Al Franken's comedic acts of the past. They hope Franken's religious jokes hurt the feelings of Catholics across the state who make up about a quarter of the population.

According to the Rochester Post-Bulletin:

They said his jokes about communion, Mary Magdalene and his dismissive attitude toward the Catholic Church went too far. Franken once referred to its stance on stem cell research as "idiotic" on his radio show.

"There are lots of humorists who use their positions to unite people or to improve things. His attitude isn't one of just disagreeing. It's one of belittling and demeaning," Dr. Phil Araoz said.

The Franken campaign released a brief statement, acknowledging that the former comedian wasn't proud of every joke he's told, but was prepared to debate the issue of character with Coleman. It said Franken was focused on his plans to help the middle class.

Now whether Minnesotans want a former "satirist" in Congress is another question, but pulling out his jokes and claiming that's his stance on an issue is pushing it a little out into the imaginary.

Maybe Franken needs to get Sarah Silverman on his side:

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