GOP dropping funding for Bachmann race, media buyers say


Two sources aware of Minnesota ad buys said the National Republican Congressional Committee is pulling its media purchases from Bachmann's race, according to the Huffington Post.

If true, it is a remarkable fall for a congresswoman who, until recently, seemed relatively safe in her predominantly conservative district. The race had become closer in recent days -- the NRCC had transferred funds from Rep. Erik Paulsen (MN-03) to Bachmann a little over a week ago.

Looks like the Republicans are throwing her under the campaign bus. Drop it and run, folks!

And we have more zingers we thought we could add to the already enormous pile of ridicule we've found on Rep. Michele Bachmann's interview on MSNBC's Hardball. Check out comedian Bill Maher's interview after the jump.

Maher: "Chris, I love it when you give dumb people just enough rope to hang themselves."

He then went on to say he had heard Bachmann was the only person in public office "dumber than Sarah Palin" but after Palin's recent comments about the vice president being in charge of the Senate, Maher says the stupid award is a toss up. He refers to the two as Beavis and Butthead.

via DumpBachmann