GOP complaint against Tom Horner nixed by board. (That was fast)


Who says the government isn't efficient? It took the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board just a day to consign a Republican complaint against IP gubernatorial candidate Tom Horner to the "out" box.

The complaint alleges that former Republican Horner received an illegal campaign contribution in the form of opinion poll results. The polling firm, Decision Resources is owned by Republican Bill Morris. He has has done work with Horner's PR firm in the past, supports the candidate, and the GOP wants an investigation to see if there's collusion between the two.

The board's decision wasn't a ruling on the merits of the GOP case, however.

Instead, it directed state GOP chair Tony Sutton to lodge his complaint where it should have been filed in the first place: The Office of Administrative Hearings. This afternoon, Sutton and deputy chair Michael Brodkorb said they'd do just that.

The poll's results showed GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer losing in match-ups against each of the three Democrats running for the office. Horner placed third in all three scenarios.