GOP candidate Jim Newberger ready to protect Minnesota from Muslim control

U.S. Senate candidate Jim Newberger wants to protect Minnesota from non-existent "no-go zones."

U.S. Senate candidate Jim Newberger wants to protect Minnesota from non-existent "no-go zones." Star Tribune

State Rep. Jim Newberger, a Becker Republican, has his party’s nod to take on Amy Klobuchar for her U.S. Senate seat, and he’s pulling no weird punches.

From the beginning, Newberger has been a candidate of distinction -- in the loosest sense of the word. Some of the bills he’s introduced include a sort of Declaration of Independence freeing Minnesota from “unlimited submission to their federal government.” Then there's his law requiring women to take “the abortion pill” only if they are standing in the same room as the doctor who prescribed it.

The brilliant ideas kept coming as Newberger made a stop in Detroit Lakes. He now wants to freeze the admittance of refugees into Minnesota, warning that the state could come under the sway of Sharia law and Muslim “no-go” zones, according to Detroit Lakes Online.

If you don’t know what a no-go zone is, don’t feel bad. They don’t exist. The idea is that there are cities all over Europe and the United States -- including Dearborn, Michigan, says Newberger -- that are totally under militant Muslim control and off limits to non-Muslims. (Newberger didn’t respond to requests for comment.)

The no-go myth has been around since the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Snopes has since trounced it, but it has staying power in some conservative circles. It got real traction in 2015, thanks to a Fox News segment aired shortly after 12 employees of the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo were gunned down by Islamic extremists.

Since then, Minneapolis has been cited for its supposed Somali no-go zone in Cedar-Riverside. Just ask self-proclaimed expert on Islamic insurgency and co-author of Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America Chris Gaubatz. In 2017, he told World Net Daily that Muslims had taken over Minneapolis. He failed to specify where exactly they were.

A year earlier, Clare Lopez, a top pick for then presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s foreign policy team, said the same thing to a St. Cloud radio audience.

The year before that, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins implicated Minneapolis and Dearborn as no-go zones in the same breath.

Dearborn is home to one of the largest and oldest Arab populations in the United States. But it’s a sleepy suburb outside of Detroit -- not a hotbed of militant Islam. Still, Newberger is determined not to let Minnesota go the way of the Michigan city.