Goose-beating teen freaks out onlookers

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Goose-beating teen freaks out onlookers

They may be ugly, poop all over, and hiss at anyone who comes too close, but people were still enraged when they watch a 14-year-old boy attack several geese down by the river, killing one. One woman ran out to confront him and make sure the police found him when they arrived. Her coworkers now call her "Mother Goose". Midtown Greenway night patrols bring eyes to the bikeway

To help deter crime along the Minneapolis Midtown Greenway, volunteers are running night patrols to keep criminals from attacking bikers in the dark. The bike highway is situated down below the roads, which makes crime easier when there are less commuters on the path. But the volunteers hope these patrols get more people out biking at night to make the paths safer.

MCTC basketball heading toward last season?

The Minneapolis Community and Technical College men's basketball program has long been a notable sports team in the Minneapolis area for students looking to continue playing the game competitively. The team is one of the best in the NJCAA, but as MCTC looks to make cuts, the team is on the chopping block. In order to continue competing, the school will have to look for donations or funding elsewhere to keep up.

Police shooting death case goes to jury

Fong Lee's police shooting death case has now concluded and the jury has the case. Deliberations were scheduled to continue this morning in the lawsuit alleging police used excessive force when they shot and killed 19-year-old Lee in 2006.

Stimulus bringing jobs for teens in Minneapolis

Teens looking for summer jobs might have a chance to actually find one this year. As part of the federal stimulus package, Minneapolis received $1.6 million to help fund youth job training programs for the summer. These programs pay students to work jobs that help them build the necessary skills to get real jobs in the future. The money will help create 500 jobs for teens in the metro area.