Google launches new "Chrome" browser today

Google's new browser, Chrome, is set to launch in beta today.

Rumors that the browser will track your purchases and come up with a you-specific marketing strategy reminiscent of Minority Report are yet to be substantiated.

The Google Blog offers the following rationale:

So why are we launching Google Chrome? Because we believe we can add value for users and, at the same time, help drive innovation on the web.

They went on: "Also, no one likes Internet Explorer, and we can make a metric ton of money selling your data to spammers. Ahem."

There's one good thing about this twinkletoed step down Google's primrose path to world domination: it'll get me quoting Sir Mixalot again: "T-Town is live, but Seattle is my home/Hood ornament is gold, 'cause I don't like chrome." There's so much more to that guy than liking big butts and being truthful.

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