Goofball owl gets lodged in car grill, rescued by hero Bloomington cop

Look at that goofball owl.

Look at that goofball owl. Twitter; @BPD_MN

UPDATE No 1: In a shocking turn of events, the owl has died, making this previously feel-good story a very, very sad one. Don't let the tone of the following blog fool you: City Pages is sad right now, just like you. 

Update No. 2: A PR rep with the University of Minnesota tells City Pages the owl was never delivered to the Raptor Center. We've reached out to Bloomington PD for comment. 

Update No. 3: Deputy Police Chief Mike Hartley tells City Pages the Raptor Center was closed late Monday, so Bloomington PD stored the owl with Animal Control. Police intended to bring the owl to the Raptor Center in the morning, but discovered it had died overnight. 


Most of the time Snowy Owls are perched atop trees, majestically vomiting mouse skeletons and twirling their heads around. It's what we've come to expect from the mighty birds of prey. 

Turns out one Snowy didn't get the memo. Instead of owling it up, this goofball found himself lodged in the grill of a car along I-494 on Monday night -- what?! Thankfully, a hero cop with the Bloomington Police Department arrived at the scene. 

Officer George dislodged the owl (Full House-style, we'd like to imagine), freeing the winged goof with only minor injuries. Then they posed for this Twitter photo:

It's clear the odd couple reached an understanding, with the owl cocking his head as if to say, "Classic me." Officer George, ever dutiful, has an obvious soft spot for the feathery klutz. 


The goofball owl is currently rehabbing at the University of Minnesota's Raptor Center. Here's hoping his hero cop buddy pays him a visit. 

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