Good Samaritan whose kick to St. Paul robber's face was caught on camera comes forward


The epic image at the top of this post was captured by security cameras at the CVS near Arcade Street and Maryland Avenue in St. Paul just before midnight on the night of February 24. It shows a knife-wielding, would-be (alleged) robber, 28-year-old Forest Lake resident Simon Hanson, getting kicked square in the kisser by a Good Samaritan.

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Hanson ended up losing his phone during the melee, and when he called it in hopes of getting it back later, police were able to set up a meeting and arrest him. Under questioning, Hanson said he chipped his tooth when he "got [his] head bashed in earlier."

In the criminal complaint, the hero goes unidentified. Here's what it says:

Officer Johnson located and interviewed the customer who intervened in the robbery at the CVS. He reported that he was there with his girlfriend to pick up a prescription for his son. He saw the suspect waiting in line and told his girlfriend that he had a feeling that the man was going to rob the store. He was concerned because the man was wearing some kind of a blue mask over his face. He then saw the man go behind the counter. He saw the man saying, "Where the money at, where the money at?" He decided to intervene. He jumped on the counter and kicked the suspect in the face. He was pretty sure that he had injured the suspect during the altercation.
But in an interview published earlier this week, the "customer" comes forward. His name is Jesse Moore, and the 21-year-old told WCCO even though police advise against doing what he did, he'd do the same thing all over again.

Hanson, meanwhile, has been charged with attempted aggravated robbery in the first degree. In addition to the CVS incident, he allegedly tried to rob a St. Paul Corner Gas station with his knife earlier that same evening. (That effort also failed after the clerk told Hanson he pushed the silent alarm button.)

Moore's swift kick may have prevented a robbery.

Moore's swift kick may have prevented a robbery.

Here's Hanson's mugshot:

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