Goober goes full racist over black guy's minor parking misdeed (Video)

"Take a picture on how this bitch parks!"

"Take a picture on how this bitch parks!"

A street video taken somewhere in Minneapolis and posted to Facebook on Tuesday shows a seriously messed up confrontation between a white pickup truck driver and the African American target of his five-minute spit-laden, profanity-packed posturing.

The video shows a guy with bad teeth wearing a bandanna screaming and giving the middle finger to a black dude who parked a few inches over the line in what appears to be an apartment parking lot with tons of empty spaces. The black man pretty much just stands there awkwardly with his hands in his pockets as the older white dude throws his tantrum.

"You know, they shoot a motherfucker like you, and you all riot and throw rocks and shit," the white guy shouts. "Fuck you niggers. There, there I said it. Fuck you niggers."

Angry racist caught in camera in Mpls

Posted by Immortal Che Guevara on Monday, March 14, 2016

The video starts when a nearby woman picks up on the harassment and pulls out her phone. She intentionally zooms in on the screaming man's license plate, which shows 137JLM. 

A Hennepin County worker on the scene tries to intervene, pointing out that the black man parked only slightly off the mark. The goober responds with vaguely intelligible yelling about cops and county workers who just do whatever they want.  

At one point, he tries really hard to get a fist in the face when he goads everyone about Jamar Clark, who was shot and killed by Minneapolis Police in November. "The police just do what they wanna do, they just shoot the niggers, right?" he says. "That's what they do in north Minneapolis. They shoot an innocent kid, yep."

No one takes the bait though. The black man drives away. The woman keeps filming. The goober gets into his truck, drives straight at the camerawoman, and throws his hands up as if he expects her to get out of his way. 

The Facebook page that carried the video, Immortal Che Guevara, had no additional information on where or when this confrontation occurred. An administrator for the page said the people who share videos on the site are all from Anonymous.