Goldy the Gopher as Bane: Awesome or bad taste? [POLL]

Earlier today, the Minnesota Gophers published a series of photos on its Facebook page of mascot Goldy's wide-ranging Halloween costume selections, most of which being pretty tame: Super Mario, Aladdin, a pirate.

But one clearly stands out among the others in the album: Goldy dressed as Batman: The Dark Night Rises villain Bane, in one photo holding a plastic gun up in the air.


To be sure, there are a few things going on here that are empirically awesome. Like, where does one even get a leather jacket to fit a novelty gopher costume?

But one Facebook commenter suggests there might be an element of poor taste here, given Goldy is dressed as a character who in the movie blew up a football field that looks not so unlike this one:

So is this a really good idea, or in bad taste? We leave it our readers.