Goldy Gopher is out here trucking little kids [VIDEO]


This unfortunate young fellow learned a lesson about tackling low, and another lesson about not playing football with grown-ass adults when you're like 13 years old.

There was a full slate of NFL games on Sunday, and yet, almost everyone missed the most dominant running performance of the day. 

It comes to us from Goldy Gopher, the University of Minnesot mascot, who was representing that institution of higher learning (and people who dress up as animals everywhere) during a halftime scrimmage against some little kids. 

With the mascots lined up on the 25 yard line, Goldy took a pitch from the Vikings mascot and swept wide right. The kids are in hot pursuit, but Goldy is simply too fast for them, probably because he is an adult.

As he crosses the 10, Goldy's got a blocker (an adult in a bird suit) and one man (child) to beat. The (fake, meaningless) touchdown looked like a sure thing.

Goldy decided to make absolutely positive, though, by running over No. 17 as if he'd spent the whole week leading up to this halftime exhibition talking trash. As the impact sends the kid airborne, arms and legs akimbo, the U.S. Bank Stadium crowd audibly gasps. Click here to see how it played live, from the Vikings website.

As that description says, the boy involved here is a seventh-grader from Eagan, who Goldy is said to have "destroyed." Cool. 

Or watch/listen to the reaction as the replay appeared on the big screen, courtesy of KARE 11's Dave Schwartz.

If you're wondering why we're watching adults dressed as animals play tackle football against children... so are we. At least we're not feeding seventh-graders from Eagan to the lions? Yet?

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