God takes out billboard to send message to Michele Bachmann

A sign from God clear enough even for Michele Bachmann to understand.

A sign from God clear enough even for Michele Bachmann to understand. Marissa Luna, Twitter

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Except when He doesn't.

Like, when He rents a highly visible billboard in a heavily trafficked area of the state capital at precisely the moment the area's hosting a lot of national media -- just so it's absolutely, perfectly clear what God's thinking, mystery-free, even for the easily mystified. 

That's what's happened in St. Paul, as of this morning, with the appearance of a new advertisement targeted very, very specifically to exactly one Minnesotan. 

The sign was noticed and tweeted by Marissa Luna, communications director for the liberal political outift Alliance for a Better Minnesota, who pointed out that her organization wasn't involved in the sign.

(Well, of course not. God did it.) 

Says Luna: "This is a sign from above that Michele Bachmann should definitely pay attention to."

Now, other news outlets will try to mislead readers into thinking this was the work of the people from, and will point to what appears to be a fundraising campaign to pay for the billboard. 

Blasphemy! So far as anyone -- and, more importantly, Michele Bachmann -- knows, this is literally a sign from God, aimed at a woman who is prone to believing all manner of interesting things, including, most recently, that she might belong in the United States Senate. Bachmann says she only ran for president in 2012 because God had explicitly instructed her to.

She has turned to the Lord as her political consultant yet again.

As Bachmann explained on a late December appearance on Jim Bakker's show: "The question is, am I being called to do this now? I don't know." 

Well, Michele? Now you know.