Goat makes dramatic slaughterhouse escape, is murdered by police

Keep these monsters off the street.

Keep these monsters off the street.

A clever goat probably thought she had hit the jackpot when she found a way to escape a South St. Paul meat processing plant earlier this month. Living the dream life roaming free along the Mississippi River, her life came to an abrupt end when a South St. Paul police officer opened fire on the terrifying beast roaming the streets and threatening residents.

And to add insult to injury in the already enraged neighborhood, police didn't even spray down the murder site, leaving the bloody reminder behind to scare all other escaped goats to keep their distance. That'll teach 'em.

As you can imagine, residents are pissed. They say the goat was completely harmless and there was no need to murder it with a high-powered weapon in an area frequented by pedestrians including young children.

At first, neighbors were completely horrified. They've got a goat friend in the neighborhood, named Oreo, that they have been taking care of for the past year. Luckily Oreo is still likely alive, hiding out until it's safe to emerge into public again.

More from the Pioneer Press:

"This goat did not have to be killed the way it was," said Glenn Boche, who first saw the animal outside his window about 6:30 a.m. "It was absolutely docile."

The dustup began when a South St. Paul officer shot the female goat with a 12-gauge buckshot about 7:30 a.m. near Stewart Avenue and Congress Street, where Boche had watched it for some time.

Boche said he and other neighbors are upset the goat was killed with a "high-powered shotgun in an area frequented by people and young children." He said he also is not happy that no one from the city cleaned up the goat's blood on the sidewalk until he complained.

Police defended their actions:
"I also think that if there was a situation where a goat did injure somebody, there would be more of an outrage of why we didn't take more aggressive action when we had the opportunity," said Police Chief Dan Vujovich.
Police said the meat processing plant explained that the goat had been aggressive when they tried to put her back in the pen. Neighbors say they saw the goat within 10 feet of children and the animal showed no aggression. Don't people warn their children to stay away from these horrifying creatures?

These officers are goat-murdering experts. They've killed two others in the past year: one stuck in a window well and another down near the river. We're glad we can sleep safely at night knowing police are keeping those goats off the street.